PhD Project Title
Mobile Recycling and Metals Recovery Facilities for Urban Ores: Design, Techno-economic, and Business Evaluations

Position Purpose
A PhD scholarship is available for a suitable candidate to undertake PhD project on “Mobile Recycling and Metals Recovery Facilities for Urban Ores: Design, Techno-economic, and Business Evaluations”. The successful applicant will carry out the PhD multi-disciplinary research work closely with Professor Akbar Rhamdhani, Dr Yoga Sembada and Dr Kwong-Ming Tse in Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. The project also involves external collaborators of: 1) MIDC (Metal Industries Development Center) – Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia, 2) LIPI – BPTM (Indonesian Institute of Sciences – Research Unit for Mineral Technolgy), and 3) Envirostream, Australia.

This proposed PhD project will investigate the feasibility of the development of an automated mobile recycling and valuable metals recovery facilities for urban ores. The central idea is that these facilities are to be fitted in containers that can be mounted on a train or a ship, and can pick up urban ores in an automated way. The urban ores can be processed on site or during transportation to different processing facilities at different sites. These mobile facilities will be suitable for countries with a big land area (e.g. Australia) or those with many islands (e.g. Indonesia and Fiji). Urban ores can be classified as metals resources as they contain valuable metals that can be extracted.

These urban ores include wide range of above ground resources, such as end‐of‐life (EoL) electronics (electronic waste or e‐waste), mobile phones, spent magnets, Li‐ion batteries and fluorescence lights; contain Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Ge, Te, Ta, Nd, Dy, and other valuable and critical metals. A number of driving forces for processing these urban ores include: 1) Economic values of the valuable metals that can be transformed to wealth, 2) Resource efficiency (these urban ores have higher concentration of scarce metals compared to their original underground ores), and 3) The need to deal with hazardous elements in these wastes

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